What is EPS?
We want you to have a more comfortable, safe, and energy efficient home. Energy professionals can help you make that happen.

The Energy Performance Score ("EPS" for short) is an exciting new tool that provides a standardized estimate of a homes energy use and associated carbon emissions. The EPS allows for comparisons of one home's energy use to another, without the influence of varying occupant behavior. Homeowners can also use the tool to compare the typical energy use of the house in its current state versus what it could be like after energy upgrades.
Richmond Regional Energy Alliance
The Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA) is the local source for residential energy efficiency upgrades.  By connecting homeowners to qualified contractors, incentives and financing, RREA helps area residents make energy and cost saving improvements that increase the comfort, health and value of their homes.
Get Started Now
The first step is to understand your home's energy efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement. An Energy Performance Score (EPS) assessment can do just that! A Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA) home energy improvement contractor will inspect your home and provide an energy performance score that assesses current energy consumption and predicts what the savings would be after making improvements. The home energy improvement contractor will also provide you a detailed Energy Analysis and Upgrades report that explains the recommended upgrades, quotes the costs to make these upgrades and analyzes their impact on energy use and cost savings.

After reviewing the results of your EPS assessment and recommended upgrades, your next step is to implement the recommendations. You can do them all at once, or you can tackle individual projects in phases. The Energy Analysis and Upgrades report provides cost and savings estimates that can help you choose which upgrades to implement first. You may hire the home energy improvement contractor that performed the energy assessment to make your upgrades or you may secure proposals from other contractors. If you wish to secure other proposals from our list of home energy improvement contractors please contact us at 804-525-7650.

RREA can also help you identify rebates to offset the assessment fee and upgrade costs.

If you have questions about our program or need help in determining next steps please call us at 804-525-7650.

Financing Options
Home improvement can be expensive, but luckily there are rebates and a financing program available to help with these costs. We can help you learn about all the different options.
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